Your Calgary IT Source is an innovative, diversified information management company. We provide a complete range of services with a strong mandate to provide exceptional customer service and value to everything that we do.

Incorporated in 2001 our key focus is the provision of hardware, software and services to SMB’s in the greater Calgary area.

From a hardware perspective we provide servers, work stations, all computer peripherals and wired and wireless networking products.

From a software perspective we are able to provide Windows Server OS’s, work station OS’s, back end application software such as Office, various Virus and Spyware scanners and application specific tools and utilities.

Our services offerings include design, implementation, operational testing and maintenance of all hardware and software interests that our customers use and operate.

Ensuring that your business remains operational and viable under all circumstances is our key interest area. Read more about our other service offerings; in particular ITBack and our Business Continuity Services.