Expand Your Reach

With the current economic situation in Alberta (and Canada) many of us are looking to expand our reach into new vertical markets and new geographic regions.
I know for myself I have always been most comfortable in the Calgary area but you know that I am looking to expand my reach outside of Calgary.

SIP trunking has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years and many or those with the crystal balls are suggesting that SIP trunking will supercede (in terms of number of business lines) traditional PSTN (regular old phone lines) and PRI (digital lines) by 2018 which is just a few short years away.

What can SIP trunking do for me ?

  • Expand Your Reach – Build a virtual presence, add local numbers to your PBX for a very small cost. If you are located in Calgary and you want to build a virtual presence in Edmonton add a 780 number to your SIP truck for only a few $’s a month.
  • Connect Your Offices – Connect your office’s together with a SIP truck and REMOVE (yup REMOVE, not just REDUCE) your office to office long distance toll charges.
  • Reduce Your Voice Budget – Convert your existing PSTN lines to SIP and reduce your voice budget by 40% to 60%. The digital nature of SIP and the reduction / elimination of plant infrastructure (cables, copper wires, fiber) means that SIP is very budget friendly.
  • Improve Flexibility and Scalability – Need another line; no more delays and installation charges; add or remove lines in minutes and do it all with a quick network change.
  • Add Resiliency – Automatically detect internet or service outages and redirect your calls to an alternate phone number or SIP trunk.