Why Managed Services for the SMB ?

Having and IT department is not a viable solution for most small businesses, and most small businesses cannot afford even one permanent IT employee nor can they afford the infrastructure common in large businesses.

Small business owners and employee’s are under constant pressure to ‘get the job done’ and more often than not everybody is performing multiple job roles. There is little time for down computers, waiting for techs to arrive to site, hardware failures, or computers not operating at their optimal level.

Managed Services offers to pro-actively monitor and manage workstations and servers for SMBs. In a radical departure from traditional break-fix methods of deploying IT services, managed services provide affordable solutions to small business.  Continuous monitoring and corrections of operating systems and pro-active system repairs is far preferable to waiting for a computer or server to fail.

Managed Services offers :

  • Managed Anti-Virus & Managed Anti-Malware – too often we adopt a set it and forget it approach to Anti-Virus assuming that after installation definition files are updated and scans are performed and virus’s are removed. Managed AV allows IT resources to ENSURE that files are updated and scans are performed rather than relying on un-managed software packages.
  • Remote Network and Computer Monitoring – monitoring critical computer components every 15 minutes 24 x 7 and many other non-critical components daily 365 days of the year allows performance trends to be generated and pro-active maintenance to be scheduled many times before the business owners know that a problem exists.
  • Managed Data Backups – much like anti-virus and anti-malware knowing that backups are being taken as scheduled and are able to be restored is far preferable to set it and forget it technologies
  • Service and Log File Management – real time log management and service management allows an unprecedented view to the computer operation
  • Patch Management – Small Business’s struggle with Windows, Office and 2rd party patch management. Knowing which patches to install and when to install and determining the impact of the patch is something that is difficult at best.  Managed IT services centrally monitors and controls all patches.
  • Web Protection – without limiting the ability for a business owner or employee to do their job, managed services offers on a per user basis the ability to block objectionable web sites and also works with the managed AV and managed Anti-Malware to remove access to web sites that are known to carry spyware, malware and other malicious software.  Customers benefit from a real time database and a large installed base of web sites to protect their investments.
  • Hardware and Software Inventory – a complete inventory of all hardware and software is maintained by managed services components and each time hardware or software is updated or changed system events occur to ensure that nothing is being added to a network that is unapproved.

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