Mobile Device Management

Todays mobile devices hold progressively more of your critical and vital business and personal information.  With devices regularly synchronizing your contacts, your calendar, your emails and usually more personal information like your home address, home phone number.

Do you have a banking APP on your mobile device? Automatically your banking information is available and at risk. Your credit card information may also be on your mobile device. How about your APPS for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more?

Stop for a moment before reading on and take an inventory of the information on your mobile device. What would happen if this information got into the wrong hands?

So, while we can’t stop your device from being lost or stolen we can limit the access that an unauthorized user would have to your information and in some cases we can assist with the location of the device.

What is Mobile Device Management ?

Mobile device management is an agent that is installed on our mobile device that communicates and reports to a central management system.  Mobile device management supports all Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, and provides monitoring and control capabilities. Multiple levels of control and management are supported, usually one level of management for company owned devices and a second less restrictive management level for BYOD mobile devices.

Features (device type specific)

  • collect and report all basic device information
  • collect and report on usage (storage, call history, message history, mobile data usage and installed apps)
  • device locate
  • remote lock
  • remote device wipe (factory reset)
  • set, clear and reset add passcodes
  • set and enable device restrictions
  • enable / disable WiFi usage
  • remotely configure and enable email accounts and settings

Clearly the protection and management of your data is of the utmost importance.  Collecting data, reporting on usage and the ability to locate / lock and wipe the device ensures that your data is protected, even on employee owned mobile devices.

For only pennies per day as us how we can secure your mobile data.