General Questions (1)

Your Calgary IT Source


For all customers there are two ways to submit a ticket to Your Calgary IT Source as follows:


  1. Submit a ticket directly to our ticket management system by going to https://ycits.com/help and filling out the form.
  2. Send an email support@ycits.com. Include in the Subject line and Topic of the problem and then in the body of the email add your problem description. Include any screen captures or error messages so that we can begin working on your trouble with the most up to date information available.


Managed Services Customers or customers with an ITFSS plan can also submit a ticket directly from the system tray icon installed on your desktop.


The system tray icon looks like .  Select this icon with your mouse and then select “Submit a Support Request”.  A pop up form will appear :



We do recommend that you ALWAYS select the “Attach Screenshot” toggle when creating a ticket. This will automatically take a screen shot of your computer and send it to us.  Additionally with this method we also receive details about the current state of your computer which will assist us in diagnosing and quickly resolving the issue.


We will be notified immediately by email that you have submitted a question or a trouble ticket and we will be able to respond quickly to address your concern.



Managed Services (1)

Traditionally, IT Services have been provided using a break /fix model.  The break / fix model is just that; something breaks – your call your IT service provider – they come to your site and fix the problem – and then the IT service company sends you a bill.

For some of us the internet is both good and bad, but what it does allow us to do is give us the tools to move away from a break / fix  model for IT services and move to a real time / full time managed model for IT services.

We know (or we ought to know) that in the long term preventative maintenance or pro-active maintenance will result in lower overall costs of operation and lower overall costs of maintenance.

By monitoring your computer hardware 24×7 we can monitor trends in performance and behavior, explicitly control the application of patches and updates to your computers and look for key indicators of threats, virus’s or malware.  We also monitor all work station and server event logs and all disk, memory and CPU performance indicators.

This is the basis of managed services.

RakNReg (1)


  1. This FAQ is ONLY for RakNReg standard. If you are client using RakNReg PRO version this FAQ is not for you.

Run Time errors in RakNReg are many times caused by a corruption of the program file on your computer. All of the data for RakNReg is maintained in the common database so these errors will NOT affect your data.

  1. The first and best thing to do to fix this error is
  2. Make sure that  you have completely exited RakNReg.
  3. Open a command windows. To do this select the windows Icon bottom left hand corner of your screen (for standard layouts, if you have changed the layout of your screen the windows icon may be somewhere else). In the box ‘Type here to search” enter CMD. In this list of matches select ‘Command Prompt’ and this will open to that familiar black DOS windows.
  4. The command prompt will look something like C:\Users\
  5. Type copy r:\raknreg.mde c:\raknreg\raknreg.mde where is the Enter key on your keyboard
  6. When prompted to overwrite the file select YES.
  7. Start RakNReg

Most times this will resolve the problem. If it does not please open a ticket or contact Your Calgary IT Source at support@ycits.com.

VOIP Phone Systems (5)

The answer is Yes. With our hybrid systems we can connect to standard POTS phone lines from your current phone company and still give you the benefit of all of the VOIP features.

For business’s, with our hybrid systems we can also very rapidly (less than one business day) have your phone system back up and running in the event of a hardware failure with your current phone system.

Standard POTS phone lines are NOT a barrier to being able to use VOIP phone systems.

Of course you can and you will get all of the benefits of a VOIP phone system. Record call, use our remote APP to get calls anywhere, block calls and save money all at the same time. Ask us how?

It really is. With our phone APPs you can make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world over the internet for free. The only requirement is that you are actively connected to WiFi where you are so if your WiFi is free then your calls are free as well.

All of our systems provide the ability to optionally record your phone call. Recording can be configured to operate for all calls, all the time or at the discretion of the user.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When you consider that many times the actual cost of a phone number can be reduced to $2.00 per month instead of the $50.00 or more that you pay today. And when you consider the business value obtained with a VOIP system over a traditional POTS system the capital cost and the operating cost of a VOIP phone system is very low.

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