We Deliver Confidence

YCIT Full Service Support (ITFSS)

“Cybersecurity deserves your attention. Are you equipped to manage this growing threat?”

“Are your IT costs all over the map? How are you ever able to budget for the management of your network?”

“Does your current IT company REALLY understand your business?”

What is ITFSS


For a single fixed monthly payment ALL support services; remote, telephone and onsite when required are included.


You deserve the best value in computer and network support services and we strive every day to provide this to you. Please take a look at our Customer Bill of Rights for the details of our pledge to you.


Our relationship with our customers is more than just a client and a vendor.  We strive to fully understand not only your business but your business values and always work in a way that is most comfortable to you.


Before we do anything with your computers or your network we will meet with you so that we may understand your business, your budget and your expectations.  We don’t want to be that company that proposes the GOLD solution when that’s not what you want.


We will tailor a support program specifically for you and we will ensure that your expectations are met.


Our ITFSS program has been designed for peace of mind allowing you to focus on your core business and not have to worry about your infrastructure.  We are that reliable partner is computer network maintenance and support.


Programs are available from complete end to end support to 24 * 7 monitored work stations.  Programs are available which also include break-fix billing and contract billing. In every case we will tailor a solution just for you.


In partnership with IT service providers, VOIP service providers and alarm and surveillance companies that share the same commitment to our values we are able to provide all products and services ‘behind the internet router’.


Whether you are in need of network and systems management services, computer maintenance services, IT support, computer wireless networking installation, network and server support, remote & on-site support, site access control, security systems, IP camera’s, backup services or IT management services, we’ve got the solution.


Give us chance to show you our the details of our ITFSS support program, and ask us for a free consultation and systems review or just call us, we like to talk and we  hope you do as well.

Whats the Catch?


Your computers and your network will need to meet our minimum requirements. Don’t worry we will help you get there.


Nothing extravagant or outrageous, your computers need to be reasonably current technology with Windows 10 as an operating system, your network needs to be a normal 10/100 or 10/100/1000 network and you will need to have a reasonable broad-band internet service.  Printers should be current technology business class printers.


Moves, Adds and Deletes are treated as special cases in all of our programs. The scope of Moving, Adding,  or Deleting (MAD) computers, offices, networks, or that new software application cannot be predicted in advance.


The scope may be simple in nature or may be extremely complex.  Replacing an existing computer covered in the plan with a new computer purchased from YCIT will be included, adding new computers to a second floor to accommodate new staff certainly would not be included. Maintaining / upgrading software products already installed in your network are included.  Adding a new software product and testing the product would be extra. You get the idea.