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VOIP - Addressing the Confusion

Unified Communications & VOIP


Hosted and Premise VOIP systems offer tremendous advantages over traditional POTS phone service. For a smaller company who is agile and for the entrepreneur who need to be constantly in touch a VOIP system is for you.


Analog phone systems have had their time, with current technology VOIP phones offer a distinct advantage over these older systems. Most VOIP systems come with a very user friendly web based GUI interface that allows the user to easily change call routing, update message or music on hold, upload your own message files, record your voice mail and send them to you via email and many more features.


VOIP systems do require more regular maintenance than older system. Your VOIP system is really just a computer and in fact the VOIP handsets themselves are computers. Computers like your desktop require regular software updates


VOIP phones in General oOffer the following features. Your Calgary IT Source has partnered with major VOIP product suppliers and after a review of your requirements, your call routing expectations and your handset choices we will recommend to you the best possible solution.


  • expanded auto-attendant features and call routing
  • user recorded greetings
  • local number porting
  • conferencing
  • call log reports
  • ring groups and hunt groups
  • integrated fax to email
  • CRM integration
  • easily customizable vacation, holiday and night messages
  • voice mail to email and voice mail to SMS notifications
  • remote phone APP, make a receive calls anywhere in the world free of charge
  • enterprise voice call recording standard
  • programmable and uploadable hold and auto attendant messages
  • advanced call forwarding and call management
  • integrated sending / receiving fax to email
  • detailed call reports and call accounting
  • hybrid systems support traditional POTS lines and next generation SIP channels on the PBX system


All of our products offer a complete range of user handsets from mobile / computer calling apps to service restricted reception handsets, to a wide range of user and management handsets.  Handsets are available with programmable buttons, WiFi, Bluetooth, black and white or color displays, speakers sets, headset support, conference calling and exceptional voice quality.


If you are tied into a long term contract with Shaw or Telus you can still have all of the benefits of VOIP systems with our hybrid service offerings.


Please call us for a no risk, no obligation communications analysis of your existing services.