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“A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds.”

Source: Kaspersky Security Bulletin, 2016

“71% of all businesses are not fully confident in their ability to recover after a data loss”

Iron Mountain

“155,000 hard drives fail each week in North America”

Small Business Trenda

By 2021, cybercrimes will cost $6 trillion per year worldwide.

Cybercrime Report 2016

On-Site Backup

Corporate IT departments have been used to backup solutions that include the following software and hardware components:


  • Software / user licenses
  • Tape / Drive Libraries
  • Removable Media (Tape)


On-Site backup requires a large initial investment and a large investment in resources to manage and maintain the backups.  On-Site backup solutions are not easily scalable to evolving business needs. On-site backups are also susceptible to a loss of data or equipment due to environmental disasters such as fire, theft, vandalism and water damage.  Not only are the tape and drive libraries susceptible to environment failures but the premise equipment can also be affected making the restoration of data difficult.

Cloud Backup

Everything has changed since the cloud model entered the data protection market.  Backup as a service (BaaS) is provided from the cloud through an internet connection.


  • The cloud removes any need for upgrade capital expenses. Cloud services are billed monthly based only on usage. With BaaS users avoid upgrade and maintenance expenses that used to be spent on staying up to date with evolving technologies.
  • Back ups are easily managed through a cloud portal and a small backup agent only needs to be installed on the work station or server once. The cloud portal manages all aspects of the backups.
  • Recovery times in many cases are quicker than with on-premise backups because there is no media involved.  Backups can be initiated quickly and the speed of the backup is only limited by the available internet bandwidth.


Businesses are ready to shift to Cloud Backup.  Users of on-premise backup solutions complain that they constantly have to deal with complex user and device pricing models, it is difficult to scale their backup solution to changes in company size and there is constant pressure from vendors to upgrade the hardware and software.

ITBack Offers Strong Data Protection as a Managed Service (BaaS)


An efficient backup depends on secure services and fast data restoration. We are built to do exactly this.

Data is stored in Tier 3+ datacenters that are SOC2 TypeII-compliant meaning that your backups are secure.

While backing up and in storage all data is encrypted using HTTPS and an AES algorithm with a 256-bit key.

Backing up and data restoration is fast with redundant independent 10Gbps Tier-1 ISP Connections.

We offer 24×7 support, data migration assistance and large volume data seeding.  We offer a complete turnkey managed backup service for your peace of mind,

Back Up Everything


    • Emails
    • Files
    • Databases
    • Operating Systems
    • Applications & SaaS (MSSQL, Exchange, Office 365 … )

Back Up Anytime to Anywhere

    • Continuous or Scheduled Back Up
    • To Local Storage or to the Cloud
    • Restore as Needed

Back Up From Any Device


    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • Servers

Best Practices


Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity practices recommend a 3-2-1 backup rule.


    • Having at least 3 copies of data
    • Storing copies on two different types of media
    • Keeping one backup copy off-site


Cloud backup is a key to fulfilling the 3-2-1 rule by providing off-site storage with no up front capital investment. With a hybrid backup solution, the most recent copies of data are stored on-premises while all other copies are stored in the cloud.  Daily the most recent backup is also copied to the cloud for completeness.


If data needs to be restored quickly and the local data copy is available that copy will be used. Remote copies in the cloud are used in the event that the local copy is not available.