Do I need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ?

Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ?


I believe 100%. Yes. The cost of recovering from a data breach, ransom-ware attack or theft of your credentials to too high.  Anti-Virus  and Anti-Malware are valuable tools to company cyber theft but the single most effective thing YOU can do it to protect your identify and on computers this means MFA.

What is MFA?


MFA is a security system that requires multiple credentials to verify a user. Some examples are you login with your username and password and then you are prompted for a one time code on your cell phone, or the answer to a security question or even a fingerprint.

OK Brian, Why and Where?


As an individual; banking, investing and purchasing items on the internet are the actions that carry the most risk if your identity was compromised.

If your service provider supports MFA then please make sure that you are using MFA.

If your service provider does not support MFA or does not have plans to support MFA consider changing service providers.

Online portals for banks, investment firms, cell phone accounts, utility accounts and sites where you purchase goods should all have support for MFA.

For business, a compromised user account can mean the difference between keeping your doors open and your doors closed.

B2B Portals, banking, shared applications, shard databases are all potentially at risk. A single compromised account could affect the work of all others in the Office.

If your business partner does not support MFA then please take a moment and ask them Why and When.

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