Email Security

We hear about security breaches all of the time these day, some of these are ultimately traceable to phishing attacks through email.  Email continues to be the most common way of attacking our networks and compromising our data.  The vast majority of ALL email messages on the internet today are SPAM, while phishing and other attacks continue to grow in volume.

It’s not so much that our existing tools are not doing the job but it is time to consider an approach with more levels to the defense.  It’s the same reason that hockey teams have more than one defense man or that baseball players back each other up when making critical plays.  This same approach is what we need now to protect ourselves against these increasingly sophisticated email threats.

Our newest first level of defense is to move the primary detection of email borne threats away from your internal network and your desktop Outlook program and stop them before they even hit your network.  YCIT has partnered with GFI MaxMail security to offer the highest level of email SPAM detection and security.  Inbound emails are first routed to the GFI servers for a complete and robust set of detection analysis algorithms.

  • authenticity checks include detailed header analysis, SMTP conversion details, and message encoding and formatting
  • message fingerprinting to compare email signatures to know spam messages
  • real time heuristic analysis
  • real time message source analysis to assessed mail volumes as legitimate high volume mailing or as a result of a SPAMMER attempting access to email
  • pattern detection detects new emerging patterns in real time
  • customizable white lists (and black lists) applied domain wide or individually

For increased robustness we offer email continuity which not only will hold your email in the event of an outage at your mail server but will give you access to your held email so that you can continue to action and respond to all of your emails.

If you email host is limiting the amount of email that you can hold online, we can support you with long term archival storage of your email for time periods up to 10 years.