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About Us


Your Calgary IT Source is an innovative, diversified information management company.


We provide a complete range of services with a strong mandate to provide exceptional customer service and value to everything that we do.


Incorporated in 2001 we were supported by valued clients who were industry leading Insurance Brokers and Registry & Licensing Agents. To this day these two business verticals remain the keys to our successful business.


We have become very skilled in the support and maintenance of the specialized CRM’s and tools used by these two market segments. These really are highly specialized tools.


We love to and continue to support our customers with hardware and software solutions to meet our clients needs. We supply, install, configure and support servers, work stations, printers, scanners, IP camera’s and networking equipment.


In partnership with local Calgary companies that share our values we are also able to perform office wiring new installation and upgrades as well as monitored alarm systems.


As the market evolves so must we. Our principle and founder has a rich background in project management spending nearly 15 years managing telecom and network management project world wide. These interests have evolved into a keen desire to ensuring that your business remains operational and viable under all circumstances.


Please browse our Product and Services Offerings and look specifically for :


  • Business Continuity Planning & Consulting – as a member of BCI and a past member of PMI we work with you to ensure that in the event of the loss of normal operations you can continue to server your customers, continue to generate revenue and continue to be successful
  • Managed Premise and Cloud Backup Solutions – backups of your critical data are mandatory in the face of hardware failures, environment failures. Backups protect against fire, theft, vandalism, virus’s and malware or personnel failures as simple as inadvertantly deleting files or as malicious as damaging computers and equipment. Our backup solutions match your requirements and your budget and include simple manual backups to managed real-time cloud solutions.
  • Managed Services – monitoring your computers 24/7/365, advising on pending failures and maintaining your computers helps to ensure that there are no critical events but planned events that can be managed before small problems become large problems.
  • Enterprise Class Firewalls – it is more important than ever to protect your internal network from the big bad internet. Malicious emails, malicious web sites, spamming, cryptoware and more all require the best protection possible. Our enterprise class firewall provide the best in class protection for all of these potential business crushing events.