ITBack Automated Off-Site Backup Services

About Your Data

For businesses:

  • what would you do tomorrow if you lost your customer information?
  • what would be the impact if you lost all or part of a projects critical data?
  • if you lost your accounting data how much time would it take to recreate your payables and receivables and taxes (if you even could)?
  • what would you do if you lost all your emails?

For individuals:

  • how would you feel if you lost all the pictures of your sons or daughters wedding, your parents 50th wedding anniversary or any other special event?
  • how about those pictures of your children at special events?
  • what is lost your tax files? downloaded games? important documents?

Or Even if:

  • A virus caused your computer to stop working.
  • A power outage crashed your server.
  • Your disk drive or processor failed.
  • You accidentally deleted an important file.
  • An ex-employee erased all of your company files.
  • A vandal destroyed your computers.