Managed Services


What are Managed Services ?

Skipping the dictionary version “Managed Services” means that as a business owner you can be comfortable knowing that the day to day upkeep of your computer network is being managed by skilled resources dedicated to ensuring that your computers are available when you need them.  This allows the small business owner to focus on the products and services that form the core of their business

How ?

We install a small reporting agent on your computer(s) which communicates with our central management station. This agent provides us with details about the behavior and configuration of your computer 24x7x365. Specifically we pro-activity monitor or provide:

  • windows services
  • physical disk space and health
  • contents and status of all system logs
  • any failed login attempts or un-authorized attempts to login to your computer(s)
  • a detailed inventory of the hardware configuration and list of installed software
  • we can determine when new software is installed to guard against phishing programs and un-authorized program installs from web sites or emails
  • manage all windows and 3rd party software patches and we can determine when and if to have them installed on your work stations
  • a system tray application to automatically screen capture and create a trouble ticket for follow-up and action

With all actions on your computer we are pro-actively notified by trouble ticket and email any time ANY system parameter goes out of bounds.

Value Add Features

Managed Backupreserved for only your most volatile / active data files and folders we provide daily unattended automatic backup of these active files to ensure the sustainability of your data in the event of a system failure or environmental (theft, fire, water damage) failure.

Managed Anti-Virus – Do you really know if that anti-virus package that you installed earlier in the year is actually working?  Do you check daily to ensure that the scan completed and that any virus’s were removed from your system and do you check daily to ensure that the most recent data definition files have been downloaded and installed to your computer. Well, we do. We make sure that every day you have the best protection possible for your computer.

Web ProtectionWe block web sites from opening on your computer based on scheduled policies that we create specifically for you. We recommended that you block all sites that are known phishing, spyware, adware, botnet, SPAM, Open proxies all of which simply mean to do harm to your computer.  After this lets also block sites that open your business to a legal liability (sites that promote drugs, pornography, gambing, hate and racism, violence, nudity etc.) and then of course we also have the ability to block sites that are known to impact overall productivity (social networking, dating, games, employment) and then just about any other type of web page that you don’t want your clients or employee’s taking a look at.  We can setup policies for you and your employee’s separately and we can control access based on time. For example, maybe you don’t mind your employee’s surfing facebook during the lunch hour.  Lastly, we can also blacklist and whitelist ANY site that you wish.

Mobile Device ManagementManage your mobile devices with separate management profiles for owned (you bought and provided the mobile device to your employee) or unowned (your employee is using their own). Depending upon the device (Android vs iOS) the key benefit here is being able to locate, lock and remotely wipe the mobile device protecting your employee and customer data.

Email SPAM and Virus FilteringCatch SPAM and virus’s BEFORE they are sent to your computer. Each email message is scanned by 2 virus and malware scanners and checked against a global database of current SPAM, phishing and malware threats. Only then are the emails released to your work station mail client.

When applying SPAM filters, Virus filtering, Web Filtering to your computers we are drawing upon a global community of devices in real-time ensuring that you have the most up to date protection available.

Ask yourself, is managing your computers and your network what you want to be doing?  Outsource this critical task to a trusted IT service.